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It started in the back of a Buick on a road trip across Colorado when Dan was 6. Listening to Country music and loving the storytelling but also the drive and guitars of rock music…….fast forward 13 years…. Dan now fuses British rock with the storytelling of Nashville , creating a fresh and vibrant sound.

Daniel has been part of the Coventry scene for several years playing the normal pub/ club/ open mic circuit, learning his craft, and building his following. As a solo artist, he has independently released 6 songs with ever-increasing popularity ( latest song “Living a Lie “ now has over 130k streams), played support gigs around the Midlands, and played twice in 2023 at the Bedford in London.

Dan has now formed a band  “ Daniel Barrie and the Drop D’s” who will bring his music to a bigger stage so that more people can live the back of a Buick moment!

……Fast forward 10 years, Daniel Barrie and the Drop D’s are playing some of the biggest stages in the World and millions are enjoying the music…. A dream, of course…but why not be part of the journey and find out.

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